At KETA Acupuncture we specialize in using *TCM to identify and relieve patients pain, stress, tiredness to bring about a continued feeling of well-being. 

*So what is TCM? 
Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic (total) approach to curing sickness. It is around three thousand years old and is based on the belief that the body has a life force (Qi) made up of pressure points (nerve centers) which are linked. Further there are positive and negative (Yin and Yang) life forces which reflect the wellness of the body at any given time.
TCM looks first at finding the cause/causes and then the cure. Western medicine generally concentrates on finding a cure for a specific illness.

TCM recognizes that all bodies, lifestyles, diets, sleep patterns, working conditions, job pressures etc. are different and must be identified before curing can begin.

Acupuncture, Iridology, Reflexology, Relief massage, Cupping, Herbal medicine and Moxa are all parts of TCM and each will be considered once the cause of any patient’s problem has been identified.

Therefore the first step is a consultation when your specific problem and the contributing factors will be reviewed. At that time a program will be discussed and planned.


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