My name is Marketa Hoskova and I graduated from Medical School with a postgraduate diploma in Anesthetics and Resuscitation /Intensive care. Following a career in nursing and due to a continuing personal health problem I became interested in TCM and attended the School for Oriental Medicine for over 4 years specializing in Acupuncture, Relief Massage and Herbal medicine.
I also studied Reflexology and Cupping during this period together with travelling to Asia to research the way that ‘Western’ medical Doctors worked in co-operation (not as competitors) with TCM practitioners.

My aim is to provide my clients with safe and effective treatment in a sympathetic, caring and trusting manner which relieves/ stops the re-occurrence of their specific problem.
I specialize in the use of Acupuncture and Relief Massage of back, neck and muscular pain, stress headaches and general tiredness together with the use of Herbal remedies for the body’s total well-being.

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Tel. : 733 518 915

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